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Imagine your body having the ability to flush away the excess fat and toxins—whilst you sleep!!!

You don’t have to imagine. Nuez de la IndiaTM cleanses your system, and dissolves the excess fat from your body as you sleep!

This totally natural organically grown nut has been used for generations in South America for the remarkable wellbeing properties it possesses. Nuez de la IndiaTM Originally from Brazil, this amazing product is sweeping the US and Europe because of the gentle manner in which it works on your system. This is not about taking toxic tea’s that cause painful and embarrassing results or having to eat ‘special’ meals or supplements. Nuez de la IndiaTM works with your own body to flush toxins from your body and melt away your fat deposits..

“Lose weight without special eating plans”

The remarkable benefits of this nut don’t stop there, Nuez de la IndiaTM controls your cravings and hunger pangs so that you don’t want to eat as much (stops smoking cravings too!!). Many weight loss products use chemicals to literally strip that fat from your body– not only does this process also dissolve muscle as well but it unnaturally disrupts the body so after the treatment you put the weight back on (and some) but have less muscle available to carry the weight so the problem is compounded.

“A Natural Organic Product that Works With Your Body to lose Weight and Improve Your Wellbeing!”

What is Nuez de la IndiaTM ?

Originally from Brazil this remarkable nut is also known as Candleberry, Indian walnut, Kemiri, Varnish tree or Kukui nut tree..
Several parts of the plant have been used in traditional medicine in most of the areas where it is native. The oil is an irritant and purgative and sometimes used like castor oil. It is also used as a hair stimulant or additive to hair treatment systems. The seed kernels have a laxative effect. In Japan its bark has been used on tumors. In Sumatra, pounded seeds, burned with charcoal, are applied around the navel for costiveness. In Malaya, the pulped kernels or boiled leaves are used in poultices for headache, fevers, ulcers, swollen joints, and gonorrhea. In Java, the bark is used for bloody diarrhea or dysentery.

Weight loss. The Weight loss benefits of Nuez de la IndiaTM are legendary in South America, the remarkable properties dissolves the fat deposits from the body
Lower Cholesterol. Taking Nuez de la IndiaTM has been shown to reduce Cholesterol absorption
Reduced Appetite. Nuez de la IndiaTM helps to reduce your craving from food not only helping you to lose weight but help you learn new better eating habits
Clearer Skin. Studies have shown that the detoxifying effects of Nuez de la IndiaTM promotes clearer, cleaner and more healthy skin tissue.
Hair re-growth. Nuez de la IndiaTM has been shown to promote healthier, stronger hair and re-growth—even in balding people
Stop Smoking. Nuez de la IndiaTM has proven to help stop smoking by reducing cravings
Improved Bowel Movements. The properties of Nuez de la IndiaTM allow the body to pass movements more easily
Cleared Hemorrhoids. Nuez de la IndiaTM reduces the strain on the bowel thereby allowing mild hemorrhoids inflammation to recover normally.

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